Background to the BSBS-BCU PyP2 topic

Let us  read some student’s voices which usually are unread/unheard:

“I want to pursue music along with my BA Politics…”

“I always wanted to be a gemologist though i’m a BBA student…”

“Oo devare…nanege music kaliyalu ista,adarajothe  Bcom ooduthidene….”

“Hey bhagawan…..mujhe actor bhi banni hai aur Chartered accountant bhi….”

“I’m a physics student with B.Sc background do I have an option to pursue Archeology as well ??…..”

“I’m pursuing a course in Astro physics,interested to learn Vedic shastra as well..”

“India has democracy., Do Indian students have that in learning ……?”

“Don’t we have the right to chose our syllabus as per our interests ..??”

“Saare umr hum darr darr ke padh  liye…

Ek pal toh ab hamein jee bhar ke padhne  do…”


I guess you all can feel the students screams and intentions for democratization of learning.

Uff….highly empathetic screams indeed…

We should spare our time to listen to them sometimes.

Though the topic of our PyP2 appears all new,”democratization of learning” is carried down to us since decades in traditional educational domains.

Many ‘Rajas’ used to go to ‘Gurukul’,do ‘Guruseva’ and used to learn in a democratized way.

Our sweet story compilation “The Panchatantra” by ‘Vishnu Sharma’ is the icon for democratizing the learning in every way possible.

With the evolution of English education since 18th century,we were chasing “structured syllabus”, a typical top-down approach,a uniform system and a monotonized teaching.

Even with the internet revolution of 21st century,we still are after finishing our syllabus.

As we all read the screams of students at the beginning,I strongly feel that they should provoke every one of us to think and rethink our learning system at colleges.

Nothing is permanent except change and we should eagerly wait to witness that great change of democratizing the learning where the students come up with their genuine loopholes and where we can turn into facilitators to just bridge the gap

I hope to witness the same soon

And I guess we all agree the same….

At BSBS we always work  to be the facilitators you ever wanted.Come and visit us to witness our ‘New age learning’. We ‘The BuSiBeeS’ believe in a pragmatic and practical approach to teaching . So we are proud to say that, we consider ‘perspectives’ from every ‘manager in making’.With that intention we organize PyP(Present your perspective)every year. This year the theme of PyP2 is”Democratization of learning for college students”.More than 200 students from BU,BCU,DU,TU,BNU participated in the event by presenting their perspectives in this  dynamic topic. University level prizes as well as Inter university prizes were distributed by our respected CEO Krishna Mahankali sir. Students were enthusiastic to know more about BSBS’s unique style of learning.

Even during these COVID times our counsellors are working from home to be available to you 24/7.  Please feel free to contact us on any further information.

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