The ‘Unmatchable / Unbeatable’ BSBS Process includes the following:

  • Daily Academic sessions delivered only by industry professionals (meaning the faculty at BSBS not only come with excellent academic background but also come with rich corporate experience)
  • BSBS schedule on all the six days of the week from 8.30 AM to 5 PM on Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri; 9.30 AM to 4 PM on Wed & Sat – with a judicious mix of academic and practical sessions.
  • Daily Business Event Analysis
  • Daily Brain Fry
  • RETOBA (Real-time Outbound Activity) on every Wednesday
  • Business Article Presentation (KIASK) on every Saturday
  • Coffee with Corporate Executive on every fortnight
  • Professional Bee to Student BeeS on every fortnight
  • Beehive activities viz. Rainbow or Forum or Ice-breakers once a month each
  • GIF- Get It First
  • Performance Review Meeting(PRM)
  • Performance Rating System (PRS)
  • Live Project/s every semester
  • Market Research Project/s every semester
  • Internships – one each between II & III, and III & IV semesters

The Process leads you to BSBS Campus Placement in premium positions across wide spectrum of premium companies.


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