2019 BSBS Internship Placements

One of the strongest platforms @ BSBS that serves dual purposes-

  • developing Professional Skills & Attitude, and
  • testing the acquired Academic Excellence

is the BSBS Internship Activity.

It is intended at taking you closer to the world of Business by placing you with Corporate Mentors for a period of 16-20 weeks.
There are two Internships at BSBS:

first Internship

  • The first Internship happens between the second and the third semesters.
  • This is the first full-time exposure to you into the practical work environment.
  • You get to be a mini-employee of the organization from where you are interning, with business functional roles and responsibilities assigned to you just as any permanent employee of the Organization.
  • Your performance would be closely monitored by BSBS on a weekly basis.
  • You get to learn the nuances of business management functions in reality.
  • You experience the corporate/ career life; your career interests, passion, commitment, attitude, skills and business acumen- all are put to test!


  • The second Internship happens between the third and the fourth semesters.
  • This is a conscious exposure of the students to the potential future employers.
  • This is aimed at exposing you to the potential employers and vice-versa.
  • While practicing with the corporate executives, you get an opportunity to exhibit your best abilities apart from your learning.
  • The second Internship is aimed at obtaining ‘pre-placement’ offers.



As in ‘spirit & practice’, BSBS Internship Activities are undoubtedly the launching pads for
Final Placements (BSBS Campus Placements)!

Close to 65% of the BSBS Campus Offers that have come through ‘Internship Performance’ stands as a testimony to the significance attached to the Internships at BSBS.
Hence, BSBS Internship Placements is a 100% Campus Support Activity- which means- all the Internship Placements are thoroughly mapped, planned and consciously & objectively sourced and serviced by BSBS in the direction of honing your business acumen.