Smt. Indira Gowda, M.Sc(Counselling)

Founder : Indira Foods Pvt. Ltd .

Former Chairperson – Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka – AWAKE

Smt. Indira Gowda is a self-made first generation entrepreneur of 90’s . She started her entrepreneurial journey in 1996 by utilising the infrastructure @ Asia’s first business incubator – Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka (AWAKE) to produce “ Ragi Huri Hittu “ a Flagship product of Indira Foods, which has diversified into  a wide range of  Ready To Eat (RTE) & Ready to Cook ( RTC) food products .

Smt. Indira Gowda always hunts for the opportunities to share her experience and enable people from across the economic strata to be successful. In pursuit of this objective, she also counsels at various counselling centres for youths and adults from entrepreneurship to stress management


Smt. Annapurna – Classical Singer, B.A.

“Work is Worship “ as the saying goes-

Smt. Annapurna is a spiritual soul who influences people around her to take decisions on values and ethics. The path of “Dharma” in the empowerment of students and their families.

Smt. Annapurna enthusiastically shares her philosophical learning’s and guides BSBS Team.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appointed by the Trust

Shri. Krishna Mahankali, M.Com, CTM, PGDTIRM, CAIIB

Chief Executive Officer : BSBS Foundation

Key Advisor & Incubator – StartUP Den @ BSBS.

Over three & half decades (37 years) of Corporate experience in

  • Business Development
  • MSME Credit
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Markets

Shri. Krishna Mahankali is a Business Mentor, Educationist & Transformation Evangelist. He says “Business is Uncertain. Business Management is converting Uncertainty into Certainty”.

His charismatic, ‘Dig your heels & fight on’ attitude inspires students of BSBS-The B-School.

Shri. Krishna Mahankali’s Extreme Ownership of the students resulted in

  • Transformational impact on 250+ students
  • Intense mentoring produced 40+ potential business leaders.