What is AKSelerator ™

AKSelerator ™ is Executive Development Program for Fresh Graduates.

It transforms ordinary graduates into highly capable corporate executives in short duration-

06 months of experience-based practical learning + 04 months of paid corporate Internship


Guaranteed Campus Placement @ min. Rs. 3 lacs/ annum.

How do I stand to gain compared to my friends who joined other PG courses?

If you take up AKSelerator ™ in Jan 2022, for example-

  1. From Aug. 2022 to Oct. 2023, you would have
  • gained 1 year of work experience


  • earned min. Rs. 3.4 lacs
  1. By Sep. 2024, you would have-
  • gained 2.2 years of work experience


  • earned min. Rs. 7 lacs

You are unmatchable to any of your friends who have chosen to do any other formal PG course.

They can never match you work experience, very difficult to match your salary 🙂

Can I not do MBA or any other PG course?

You can.

After the first 06 months of intensive, immersive deep, experiential learning of the AKSeleratorTM program, you will be fully supported by BSBS to choose and pursue PG course viz. MBA or M.Com. from the University of Mysore. You need to pay to the University prescribed fee.

Will I be able to clear the MBA exams while working?

A “big-bold YES”!

The AKSeleratorTM program is so powerful that it prepares you to prepare for any exam with ease and comfort. In addition, BSBS provides you with necessary inputs (soft & hard) from time-to-time for semester exams.

Is this MBA recognised?

Another “big-bold + loud YES”!

It is awarded by a UGC recognised University.

You can take up Central or State Government jobs, pursue for PhD., take up IAS kind of civil services exams, etc.

Is this recognised by Companies?

Companies pay for your capabilities. Employment is about exchange of money for your capabilities.

AKSeleratorTM first builds capabilities, places you in scalable profiles at premium package to start with and ensures your performance in companies.

As you learn powerfully through the work experience, on the job and then connect the concepts in the books you read for exams, it becomes concrete and complete.

Companies value that enhanced personality in you. Certificate only is a proof in the files of the companies, your CV is the virtual you 🙂

World over, it is the Executive MBA that is highly valued and that’s what AKSeleratorTM exactly is 🙂

You become a working executive first and then pursue MBA!